i'm swamped but i will do my best to help.
with warmth and oomph--howard
Howard Bloom
author of : The  Lucifer Principle: AScientific Expedition Into the Forces 
of History  ("mesmerizing"-TheWashington Post), Global Brain: The Evolution 
of Mass Mind  from the Big Bang tothe 21st Century  ("reassuring and 
sobering"-The New  Yorker), The Genius of the Beast: A Radical Re-Vision of 
Capitalism  ("Impressive, stimulating, and tremendously enjoyable."James 
National  Correspondent, The Atlantic), The God Problem: How A Godless Cosmos 
Creates  ("Bloom's argument will rock your world." Barbara Ehrenreich), How 
I  Accidentally Started the Sixties (“a monumental,epic, glorious literary  
achievement.” Timothy Leary), and The Muhammad Code:  How a Desert Prophet  
Gave You ISIS, al Qaeda, and Boko Haram--or How Muhammad Invented Jihad (“a 
 terrifyingbook…the best book I’ve read on Islam,” David Swindle, PJ  
Former Core Faculty Member, The Graduate Institute; Former Visiting  Scholar
—Graduate Psychology Department, NewYork University
Founder:  International PaleopsychologyProject; founder and chair, Space 
Development  Steering Committee; Founding Board Member: Epic of Evolution 
Society; Founding  Board Member, The Darwin Project;, Board Member and Member 
Board Of  Governors, National Space Society; Founder: The Big Bang Tango 
Media  Lab; member: New York Academy of Sciences, American Association for the 
 Advancement of Science, American Psychological Society, Academy of  
PoliticalScience, Human Behavior and Evolution Society, International Society  
Human Ethology,  Scientific Advisory Board Member, Lifeboat Foundation.   

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Dear FIS Colleagues,

A member of our list, Moises Andre Nisenbaum, is investigating for his  PhD 
the interdisciplinary links between Physics and Information Science. One  
of the data sources of his empirical research is the FIS mailing list itself. 
 Because of this, he wants to directly ask list members, as well as filling 
in  a questionnaire. Would you help him to make this request? He will 
publish the  directions in the list.

Thanks in advance,


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