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To trying to answer this question, I find myself asking "Do patterns exist without an observer?".

Would 2+2=4 be true without the big bang occurring?

Of course this depend on the fundamental theory chosen. With a physicalist theory, it is arguable that a pattern does not exist without an observer, but this raise the question of what is an observer. If it is itself a pattern, where does the first observer come from, etc. With Mechanism, which has been shown epistemologically inconsistent with physicalism, we can accept that the truth or falsity of arithmetical relations is independent of the existence of an observer, and then we can easily defined an observer in term of arithmetical relations. This, nevertheless, will multiply it an infinity of times and leads to many-worlds, which are somehow confirmed by the observation if we agree that there is no wave-collapse (Everett).

To sum up, with Mechanism, some pattern exist independently of the observer, but most will make sense only relative to some observer, i.e. some universal number.

A number of familiar problems then re-emerge, which blur my ability to distinguish between foreground and background.

That is why a strong, yet natural, hypothesis can help, like (Digital) Mechanism. In that case it is a fractal similar to the Mandelbrot set (to simplify and shorten things). Then incompleteness refutes Socrates critics of Theaetetus' definition of the knower (the logic of []p & p does differ from the logic of []p, even in the case of p <-> []p, as we get with the basic elementary arithmetic sentences (sigma_1-sentences). This might explain why some blurring is unavoidable, and why all universal number, from its first person point of view, can't distinguish the foreground and the background. Such distinction is intrinsically complex and universal machine related.



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Do patterns contain information?


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