Here I indicate my understanding of Pedro's statements on information


1. Information is information, neither matter nor energy.

           S: I have information as a perceptible result of interaction,
which may be embodied in matter and/or energy

Information is comprehended into structures, patterns, messages, or flows.

           S: Agreed

3. Information can be recognized, can be measured, and can be  processed

(either computationally or non-computationally).

           S: If an interaction has an effect, that effect can be converted
to other embodiments, resulting in informing

4. Information flows are essential organizers of life's self-production

processes--anticipating, shaping, and mixing up with the accompanying

energy flows.

           S: Life, as an information-guided local process-embodiment,
transforms other forms by extracting usable energy and materials from them.

5. Communication/information exchanges among adaptive life-cycles underlie

the complexity of biological organizations at all scales.

          S: Information, as such, has no scale restriction. However,
informed processes in living systems proceed independently at many scales.

6. It is symbolic language what conveys the essential communication

exchanges of the human species--and constitutes the core of its "social


          S: Informing has been constructed as a basic tool among humans.

7. Human information may be systematically converted into efficient

knowledge, by following the "knowledge instinct" and further up by

applying rigorous methodologies.

          S: Among humans information is used to construct and effect

8. Human cognitive limitations on knowledge accumulation are partially

overcome via the social organization of "knowledge ecologies."

          S: Humans have methods for sharing information.

9. Knowledge circulates and recombines socially, in a continuous

actualization that involves "creative destruction" of fields and

disciplines: the intellectual Ars Magna.

          S: Methods of sharing information among humans have become
developed as discourses

10. Information science proposes a new, radical vision on the information

and knowledge flows that support individual lives, with profound

consequences for scientific-philosophical practice and for social


           S: Information Science proposes to embody a special
understanding of informational transactions as an acknowledged discourse.
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