Dear Pedro, Dear FIS Colleagues, 


I heartily welcome Pedro's attempt to discipline our discussion on
Principles that underpin our engagement with information studies. After all,
the prime and most important purpose of our discussions is to find out the
right and the all-embracing definition about what is information.


In this regard, it seems to me as a principle failure that Pedro's list does
not mention (in its first lines) the duality of the information's nature,
the Physical and Semantic information dichotomy as the core notion of


This duality is not my quirk - Shannon was quite aware about it from the
very beginning. But (as a great man and a great scientist) he restricted
himself only to Physical information studies - "It is important to
emphasize, at the start, that we are not concerned with the meaning or the
truth of messages; semantics lies outside the scope of mathematical
information theory". These days we cannot allow ourselves not to take into
account the information duality.  


I know how unfriendly my FIS colleagues are to this standpoint (of mine).
Therefore, I will not bother you with further arguments in its favor -
interested people are invited to see my publications on the Research Gate


My best wishes and warmest greetings for the coming frighten days of the
Jewish New Year.


Sincerely yours,





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