Dear Krassimir,

In agreement or partial agreement with most responses, I see the kernel of
agency as autocatalysis, by virtue of the centripetality that dynamic

Autocatalysis is a subset of feedbacks wherein each link in a loop
benefits the next member. It is easy to show that such action selects for
all perturbations that augment inputs to any member. That is, the loop
acts like a vortex to draw resources into the autocatalytic orbit. (See
p289 of <>, or better
yet, pp70 – 73 in

Centripetality is a directional phenomenon that defines the self of any
living being. It is ubiquitous to *all* living entities, but is hardly
ever mentioned among the necessary attributes of life. Bertrand Russell
called it “chemical imperialism” and cited it as the drive behind *all of
evolution*. It is the generatrix of competition. No actor can compete at
any level without centripetality at work at the next level down.

Centripetality, the expression of agency, serves not only to change the
environment of the organism, but does so in a way that sustains and
imparts advantage to the self.

Intelligence does not seem to be a necessary attribute of such agency.

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> Dear FIS Colleagues,
> After nice collaboration last weeks, a paper Called “Data versus
> Information” is prepared in very beginning draft variant and already is
> sent to authors for refining.
> Many thanks for fruitful work!
> What we have till now is the understanding that the information is some
> more than data.
> In other words:
>      d = r
>      i = r + e
> where:
>      d => data;
>      i => information;
>      r => reflection;
>      e => something Else, internal for the Agent (subject, interpreter,
> etc.).
> Simple question: What is “Agent”?
> When an entity became an Agent? What is important to qualify the entity as
> Agent or as an Intelligent Agent? What kind of agent is the cell? At the
> end - does information exist for Agents or only for Intelligent Agents?
> Thesis: Information exists only for the Intelligent Agents.
> Antithesis: Information exists at all levels of Agents.
> Friendly greetings
> Krassimir
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