Dear Arturo,

I think this formulation is correct and very useful. It implies, in the formal 
sense of real implication, a dynamics of emergence of the more complex states. 
Gerhard Luhn has also pointed to this emergence (he calls it of 'new laws') as 
a property of the universe, of which are our brains are a fairly interesting 
part. . .

As in Terry's recent note, this 'enriched' input avoids the straitjackets of 
binary values or simple self-contradiction.

Best wishes,

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  Dear FISers, 

  it is clear (and it has been demonstrated) that what you call "agent" is 
something that... increases the dimensions of the discourse. 

  For example, our brain, rather than "extract" information from the 
environment, makes exactly the opposite process, by "diluting" and "increasing" 
  Starting from sensorial inputs from the 3D (plus time) environmental data, 
our brain processes them in 4D plus time (or even more!) dimensions.  This 
means that, when I see a cat in the street, my mind enriches it with other 
dimensions (emotions: "how nice is that cat!"; higher brain activities: "that  
cat is a feline"; and so on) 

  Arturo Tozzi

  AA Professor Physics, University North Texas

  Pediatrician ASL Na2Nord, Italy

  Comput Intell Lab, University Manitoba 


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