Dear Gordana, 

I received your invitation letters (dated Nov. 5 and Nov. 1). However, I
think, I will not be able to accept your kind offer.

For the following reason: After the Vienna 2015 Summit, I was invited (by
MDPI Information journal) to submit an extended version of my conference
paper to the journal’s Special Issue:
<> Selected
Papers from the ISIS Summit Vienna 2015. 

A few days after I have submitted my paper, I was informed “that your
manuscript has been declined for publication in Information”. No further
explanation or editorial comments were provided (Guest Editors of the Issue
were M. Burgin and W. Hofkirchner).

As it follows from your invitation letter, M. Burgin will again be the Chief
Editor for all volumes of the Gothenburg Summit selected papers. 

As you understand, I cannot allow myself to be subjected again to M.
Burgin’s editorial customs. Therefore, I am sorry but I must turn down your
kind proposal.

My publication ambitions are pretty well satisfied with the publication in
the MDPI Proceedings, 2017, Vol. 1, Issue 3, and the attention the two of my
papers have achieved among the readers: Wu Kun’s paper – 148 reads / 56
downloads, Burgin’s paper – 216 reads / 67 downloads. (Not so bad, as you

I appreciate your efforts in Gothenburg Summit organization.

Best regards,



From: Gordana Dodig Crnkovic [] 
Sent: Wednesday, November 01, 2017 12:17 PM
To: Emanuel Diamant
Cc: markburgin



Dear Emanuel,


As a result of Gothenburg meeting of the International Society for the study
of information, Mark Burgin and I are preparing two volumes with World

We would be very happy if  you could contribute to the volume addressing
Philosophy and Methodology of Information.

We would expected a contribution on the topic you presented on the summit.


This is the first volume of two, the second one being dedicated to
Theoretical Information Studies.

The books aim to chart the new interconnected territory and thus to set the
foundation for the emerging research field of The study of information,
presenting within the same context contemporary research in theoretical,
philosophical and methodological aspects of information, with the goal of
enabling new insights coming from cross-fertilization among the research
fields. The structure of the books is given in the end of this message.

The schedule for the book project is defined by the following deadlines:

Expression of intention to contribute: November 15, 2017

Paper submission: January 15, 2018

Notification of acceptance/rejection: February 15, 2018

Submission of the final version of the paper: March 1, 2018.


In the expression of intention to contribute, please send us your tentative:

1. Title

2. Abstract (200-500 words) and 

3. Length of the proposed paper. 

The typical length of a paper is 15 pages. However, both shorter and longer
papers could be accepted where appropriate.

The final formatting of all papers will be in Word or LaTeX.

As usual, it is responsibility of the author to make certain that the
content of the contribution is significantly new and not submitted for
publication in any other venue - journal, conference, book or other. All
papers will be peer reviewed by at least two independent experts in the


If you do not intend to submit a paper, please let us know as soon as


Looking forward to hearing from you.

Gordana and Mark 



The structure of the planned volumes is as follows.


Vol 1 Philosophy and Methodology of Information

(G. Dodig-Crnkovic and M. Burgin, edts.)

Part 1. Philosophy of information

Part 2. Methodology of information

Part 3. Philosophy of information studies

Part 4. Methodology of information studies


Vol 2 Theoretical Information Studies

(M. Burgin and G. Dodig-Crnkovic, edts.)

Part 1. Foundations of information

Part 2. Information theory

Part 3. Information as a natural phenomenon

Part 4. Cognition and intelligence in natural and artificial systems

Part 5. Social, economic and legal aspects of information

Part 6. Technological aspects of information





Gordana Dodig Crnkovic, Professor of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Chalmers University of Technology 

School of Innovation, Design and Engineering, Mälardalen University


General Chair of is4si summit 2017 <>  


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