Dear Pedro, Dear Fises,


I apologize, as usual, for intervening in your respected discussion. But in
my humble understanding, the genotype-phenotype-sociotype triad is simply a
list of behavioral forms (or types). Evidently, they all are endorsed and
inspired by the information that is in the disposal of every living being.
But from information point of view (and we are busy with information essence
quest) only two types of information are involved in a living being behavior
production: genetic information and epigenetic information. That is:
vertically exchanged inheritance information and horizontally exchanged
experience information. These two types of information are responsible for
the behavior of living beings at every known to us level of biological
organization: single cell - genotype, cell assembly or organism - phenotype,
groups of organisms or societies - sociotype.

Again, I apologize for invading your discussion, but we are busy with
information, aren't we?


Best regards, Emanuel.


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