Hi Emanuel, Pedro & Fishers,

Emanuel is rasing an important point.  It is clear that the duality of genetic 
and epigenetic informations is fundamental.  But I think the triadicity of 
genotype, phenotype, and sociotype is as important and fundametnal, if we 
interpret the triadicity to mean that three cannot be reduced to two or one 
just as the duality means that two cannot be reduced to one.  The two 
relations, the fomer irreducibly dyadic and the latter irreducibly tiradic, may 
not be mutually exclusive or contradictory (as they may appear on the surface) 
but reflect different aspects of the information of livign systems -- one 
aspect is irreducibly dyadic and the other is irreducibly triadic, depending on 
how the phenomonon of life is viewed.   We may represent this idea 
diagrammatically as infigure 1 below, which is an elaboration and extension of 
the ITR (Irreducible Triadic Relation) diagram that I used in my previous post:


                   |                                    _______________    |

                   | k                               |             i            
      |   |            Epigenetic Information flows

                   |                                  |                         
       |   |                                    ||

                   V              f                  V                 g        
    |   |                               i, j, & k

           Genotype  -------->  Phenotype  ---------> Sociotype

                  |  ^                              |                           

                  |  |              j                 |                         

                  |  |______________|                                  |
                  |________________________________|                Genetic 
Information flows


                                            f, g, & h

Figure 1.  The duality of the genetic and epigenetic information flows in the 
genotype-phenotype-sociotype triad underlying living systems.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.


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Dear Pedro, Dear Fises,

I apologize, as usual, for intervening in your respected discussion. But in my 
humble understanding, the genotype-phenotype-sociotype triad is simply a list 
of behavioral forms (or types). Evidently, they all are endorsed and inspired 
by the information that is in the disposal of every living being. But from 
information point of view (and we are busy with information essence quest) only 
two types of information are involved in a living being behavior production: 
genetic information and epigenetic information. That is: vertically exchanged 
inheritance information and horizontally exchanged experience information. 
These two types of information are responsible for the behavior of living 
beings at every known to us level of biological organization: single cell - 
genotype, cell assembly or organism - phenotype, groups of organisms or 
societies - sociotype.

Again, I apologize for invading your discussion, but we are busy with 
information, aren’t we?

Best regards, Emanuel.

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