Dear FISers, 


I would like to express my pleasure with the current state of our discourse
- an evident attempt to reach a more common understanding about information
issues and to enrich preliminary given assessments. 

In this regard, I would like to add my comment to Sungchul's post of January
12, 2018. 


Sungchul proposes "to recognize two distinct types of information which, for
the lack of better terms, may be referred to as the "meaningless
information" or I(-)  and "meaningful information" or I(+)". 

That is exactly what I am trying to put forward for years, albeit under more
historically rooted names: Physical and Semantic information [1]. Never
mind, what is crucially important here is that the duality of information
becomes publicly recognized and accepted by FIS community.


I salute to Sungchul's suggestion!


Best regards, Emanuel.


[1] Emanuel Diamant, The brain is processing information, not data. Does
anybody care?, ISIS Summit Vienna 2015, Extended Abstract. 




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