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Which comment is for me?

Also, I want to clarify the following:

(1) 'Semiotics' is the name given to the study of signs generally and existed 
since long before Peirce's time (1839-1914).

(2) If we represent 'semiotics' as a large circle, it will contain many small 
sub-circles representing various theories about sign processes, including 
Peirce's own, yours, mine, and many others', each sub-circles contributing to 
the complete description of the large circle.

(3) In this Venn diagrammatic sense, 'neo-semiotics' is a sub-circle belonging 
to the large circle of Semiotics that should have some overlap with the 
Peircean semiotics since it is an extension of the latter.  Further, 
neo-semiotics has many new features not contained in the Peircean semiotics 
(e.g., molecular signs and their mechanisms of action driven by free energy 
dissipation, the essential thermodynamic requirement for semiosis, and the 
relation between micro- and macrosemiotics, etc.) and hence cannot be 
completely contained within the sub-circle of the Peircean semiotics.

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Dear Pedro

Their seems to be some malfunction in the system. Three comments – the last one 
to Sung – have not appeared on the list. Could you investigate?


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