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Dear FISers, I greatly appreciate Pedro's comments regarding my New Year Lecture. I fully agree with his comment " That life's physiology is based on the conjunction of a few principles: neguentropy, chemiosmosis, and homeostasis-homeorhesis" applies to non-living states too. I did not intend to make that statement exclusive, and if it sounded like that Pedro's clarification is important. In fact have just published a paper entitled "Quantum Mechanics Predicts Evolutionary Biology" which is predicated on the hypothesis that self-referential self-organization is the result of the Singularity/Big Bang, Newton's Third Law of Thermodynamics that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. That idea would apply to both evolutionary biology and to balanced chemical reactions alike. As for the question of the emergence of self-referential consciousness 'right at the beginning', I am in favor of that concept, as I have expressed it in a recent paper, entitled "From Cholesterol to Consciousness" (see attached) so I look forward to reading your comments about that idea as well, since it has the potential to fully integrate physics and biology in my humble opinion.

On Mon, Jan 22, 2018 at 4:01 AM, Pedro C. Marijuan <pcmarijuan.i...@aragon.es <mailto:pcmarijuan.i...@aragon.es>> wrote:

   Dear FISers,

   Going to the extreme, I think this year opening lecture can be
   summarized in three contentious points.

   1. That life's physiology is based on the conjunction of a few
   principles: neguentropy, chemiosmosis, and homeostasis-homeorhesis.

   2. That communication (cell signaling) is an essential factor in the
   multicellular evolution towards complexity.

   3. That epigenetic inheritance and the obligate recursion to the
   unicellular state become the basis of a new evolutionary theory.

   I disagree with point 1, as I think some nonliving states could also
   be characterized by those principles (eg, chemical
   cycles/hypercycles in marine vents, and other outcomes derived from
   "energy flows"); besides, some previous "info stuff" has to be in
   place. Then I completely agree with point 2, for signaling is not
   just another characteristic of the cell, it is "the" eukaryotic
   trait par excellence.  And I am curious on how point 3 could be
   further substantiated... In this respect I recommend the two papers
   that Bill sent to the list a few weeks ago. Do we need to postulate
   the emergence of a form of "self-referential cognition" right at the

   All the best--Pedro

   El 09/01/2018 a las 19:05, Bill escribió:
    Dear Pedro and Colleagues,

    I have been following the thread of comments with great interest,
    all of  which have all been occasioned by John Torday's profound
    insights about the nature of evolutionary development in light of
    the importance of cell-cell signaling and molecular biology.  From
    the comments, it is clear that there is a strong impulse to seek a
    means of integrating the role of symbiogenesis, viruses and mobile
    elements, multilevel selection, niche construction, genomic
    plasticity into a common narrative with an informational
    perspective at its foundation.
        In the spirit of that line of discussion, I am offering two
    links that discuss evolution as an biologic information management
    system. Some of this work shares direct commonality with John's,
    since he and I are frequent collaborators.



    Both of these articles can be considered as complementary to
    Pedro's very fine article, 'How prokaryotes ‘encode’ their
    environment: Systemic tools for organizing the information flow',
    which is in BioSystems.

    I am grateful to John for inviting me to participate in the forum
    and to Pedro for encouraging me to share these manuscripts.

    Best regards,

    William B. Miller, Jr., M.D.
    602-463-5236 <tel:%28602%29%20463-5236>
    wbmill...@cox.net <mailto:wbmill...@cox.net>

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