Dear Karl,
In my reply to Sung I was dealing with the asymmetry of probability
Probability distributions are presented on the Wikipedia page:
Don't read all this page, the beginning should suffice.
Then, the skewness is explained on an other wiki page:
Possibly the content of these two pages is unclear for you.
In order to avoid a huge of long and non necessary explanations, you
may tell me what you already know about probability distributions and
what was unclear from my post, then I can explain more efficiently.
However, I let Sung explain about his own post :)
Best regards,

2018-05-07 19:55 GMT+02:00 Michel Petitjean <>:
> Dear Karl,
> Yes I can hear you.
> About symmetry, I shall soon send you an explaining email, privately, because 
> I do not want to bother the FISers with long explanations (unless I am 
> required to do it).
> However, I confess that many posts that I receive from the FIS list are very 
> hard to read, and often I do not understand their deep content :)
> In fact, that should not be shocking: few people are able to read texts from 
> very diverse fields (as it occurs in the FIS forum), and I am not one of them.
> Even the post of Sung was unclear for me, and it is exactly why I asked him 
> questions, but only on the points that I may have a chance to understand (may 
> be).
> Best regards,
> Michel.
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