Sorry Sung, you know about the rules of engagement in this list... you have gone to 5 msgs. And that means one and half weeks of sanction. Even more after having warned you privately several times. Anyhow, tomorrow I will make public an embarrassing bureaucratic procedure that the list has to suffer next days.
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El 03/06/2018 a las 19:42, Sungchul Ji escribió:
Hi Krassimir,

I think the main reason that we express 'information'  as a logarithmic function of the number of choices available, n, may be because the human brain finds it easier to remember (and communicate and reason with)  10 than  10000000000, or 100 than 1000000000. . . . 00000, etc.

All the best.


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Dear Sung,

A simple question:

If always n>0 why we need log in

I = -log_2(m/n) = - log_2 (m) + log_2(n)   (1)

Friendly greetings


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