Typing "bar" and then up-arrow will scroll through the history of commands
that contain "bar", including "foobar". Is there a way to scroll through
the history of commands that start with "bar", excluding commands like
"foobar" that does not start with "bar"?

If there is not a built in key-combination for this, is there a way to add
one through the config.fish or other configuration files? It looks like the
following almost does what I want:

bind "[1;5A" history-search-backward
bind "[1;5B" history-search-forward

which binds the Ctrl+Up-Arrow and Ctrl+Down-Arrow to the respective
commands, however, they move the cursor to the end of the line. Hence, it
works for the first key stroke, but the search string changes for
consecutive key strokes.

Jonathan R. Williford
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