2016-11-30 23:52 GMT+01:00 Kurtis Rader <kra...@skepticism.us>:
> On Wed, Nov 30, 2016 at 12:07 PM, Mizsei Zoltán <miq...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I’m on my long way to get Fish properly ported to Haiku. I’ve already did
>> some efforts, we have an working recipe [1], but i’m not really happy yet.
>> So i have the following problems to solve:
>> - The latest (2.4.0) Fish hangs sometimes if i press Ctrl-C in Terminal.
>> One CPU load goes high and i need to kill the Fish instance to get
>> everything back to normal. Have you seen anything like this on other
>> platform?
> Not that I can recall. You're best bet is to attach to the spinning process
> with a debugger and start by printing a backtrace using `bt` or whatever
> command your debugger has for that purpose.

Will do that. I think, there is something wrong with a supporting lib maybe.

>> - The fish_config script trying to create the /boot/home/config/cache/fish
>> folder, but cannot handle the situation if this folder already there. I get
>> just a traceback, so i need to delete this folder every time if i try to
>> start the web interface. Error : [2]
> It wouldn't use that directory unless you've exported a XDG_CACHE_HOME env
> var. By default it will put the file in ~/.cache/fish.

dot folders not tolerated in the Haiku universe. No exceptions. There
is a standard user writeable cache in /boot/home/config/cache and i
think it is defined as XDG_CACHE already.

>> - The fish_update_completions cannot find something, i get a python
>> traceback, complaining about “No such file or directory”. Any idea, what it
>> trying to do? Error: [3]
> Need more data. Please open an issue that includes the python traceback.

Will do, but the traceback arean't too informative. IS there any way
to get more output from the Fish supporting python scripts?

>> - At starting Fish i get the following text 2 times:
>> "socket: Address family not supported by protocol family"
>> I already created a bugreport about it on the github page. [4] There is no
>> en0/eth0 on Haiku. Is there any way to fix this?
> None of the core devs are using Haiku so we have to rely on someone like
> yourself to create a change that makes fish compatible with whatever scheme
> Haiku uses for its networking interfaces.

There is a simple scheme, the interface gets his name from the
supporting driver. So the pcnet driver will publish the device as
"/dev/net/pcnet/0". So it is hardware dependent.

>> - My patch extending the open.fish script with the Haiku’s open case,
>> however it isn’t required. Where can i define, that this aren’t required on
>> Haiku?
> I would ignore that for now by just defining your own
> ~/.config/fish/functions/open.fish autoload script that is empty. We have a
> PR open, https://github.com/fish-shell/fish-shell/pull/3571, that is likely
> to remove that function.

I've already seen that, hopes that it will be merged soon.

>> - Is this latest release "LastC++03” an official one? Have not seen any
>> info about it.
> As of a week ago we now require a C++11 compliant compiler.

Ok, everything clear now. Thanks for the info!

Mizsei Zoltán
(aka. miqlas)

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