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Hi everyone,


I live in Washington State and during the months of March and April my
fjords are kept in large dry lots (sacrifice paddocks) because the pasture
is so muddy, fragile, etc during this period.  I have been following the
posts with interest regarding the portagrazer, nibblenets, and other devices
and have been hoping to find something that works for my small herd.


Two weeks ago I purchased two 4 x 4 slow grazer boxes and absolutely love
them.  The fjords cannot open them, have not chewed on them, and actually
seem to like the challenge required to get the hay out.  I have always
weighed my hay so that I know exactly how much I am feeding and it is taking
them 4-5 times longer on average to finish their hay.  When given the option
of a loose flake or hay trapped behind a grate they seem to prefer having to
pull it thru the grate.


If you are interested, check the link
<>      My only regret at this point is that I
only purchased two boxes, and wish I had purchased three while they were
here at the State Backcountry Horseman meeting.


Marcia Pace

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