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Subject: A couple of points about flac 1.1.1 on ppc/linux/altivec
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From: John Steele Scott <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2005 17:14:12 +1030
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Back in October 2004, I did a bit of work on FLAC to get version 1.1.1 to
build correctly under GNU/Linux/PPC. Only now have I realised that somewhere
along the way something broke in FLAC's decoding. On my machine, roughly 50%
of FLAC files are being decoded incorrectly.

I presume that I broke the code somehow when translating Josh's original OS X
assembler into GNU style. However, just to make sure I'm not heading down the
wrong path, I would appreciate it if somebody could use the OS X build of FLAC
1.1.1 to perform a test decode of the track at:

More information about this can be found at:

Is there any kind of test harness or test routine which I could use to track
down exactly where the problem lies?

(Also attached to this bug is code to add a check for Altivec on non-Darwin
based systems. I don't think this has been integrated into your CVS yet.)



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