I have a method that returns a number which I know to be of value 1
I have a static number variable in another class (SWF_STATE) which I
also know to be 1.
In an if() statement they evaluate to equal the same, however in the
following switch statement it will not evaluate?

trace("TYPE:"+currItem.getMediaType()+" COMPARED TO:" +
VideoVO.SWF_STATE); // this traces "TYPE:1 COMPARED TO:1"

        if(currItem.getMediaType() == VideoVO.SWF_STATE)
                trace("wtf?!");//this evaluates and traces
        switch(currItem.getMediaType()) // this switch always traces the
error (default branch)
                case VideoVO.FLV_STATE:
                        this.currentPlayer = swfPlayer;
                case VideoVO.SWF_STATE:
                        this.currentPlayer = swfPlayer;
                case VideoVO.MP3_STATE:
                        this.currentPlayer = swfPlayer;
                case sometest==VideoVO.JPG_STATE:
                        this.currentPlayer = swfPlayer;
                        trace("ERROR: NO MEDIA TYPE!!!!!");
        trace(sometest); // traces 1
        trace(VideoVO.SWF_STATE); // traces 1

Any help on this very much appreciated!


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