Have been working with a class and have been trying to bring up ASCuepoints:

class FLVPlayer {
private var theVideo:FLVPlayback;

private function FLVPlayer ( mc:MovieClip) { theVideo = FLVPlayback(mc.theVideo);
   theVideo.addASCuepoint(3, "a cuepoint");
theVideo.addEventListener("cuePoint", EventDelegate.create(this, onaCuePoint)); theVideo.addEventListener("onPlayheadUpdate", EventDelegate.create(this, onPlayhead));

private function onaCuepoint(e:Object):Void{
   trace("this never traces and is not working")
   trace("I am expecting it to trace at 3 seconds");

private function onPlayhead(e:Object):Void{
trace("this always traces")
Does anyone have any idea why this is not working for cuepoint but is for playhead?


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