Thanks for the reply. I am using UIComponent. The code that is in the live 
preview fla is:


function onUpdate() {
pushBtn.buttonText_txt.text = xch.btnLabel;



The strange thing is that in the component's FLA I can drag as many instances 
from the library on the stage and it works fine. Once I convert it to SWC, the 
problems start. I did trace out the the xch properties, but I couldn't seem to 
find the component's name.

I did read the other replies to my post and looks like it is somewhat of a 
flawed design and it has to be hacked to get it to work properly.

Thanks for the assistance.

GregoryN greg at wrote:
>Do you subclass UIComponent or just MovieClip?
>What code do you use for onUpdate?
>Try to trace components names etc while in live preview.
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