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I've run searches in the archives, google and other groups and am unable to find a cause for this: I've built a very simple Flash MX (6) test swf file, uploaded it to an http server. Its only task is to load a small data file (.txt) from another server (same domain) through https, using a LoadVars, and display the data in a text field.

When running the test, I'm also using a packet sniffer tool and can see that the data is retrieved back to my machine, but it is not getting to the Flash player. My test swf indicates that the data was not received.

This happens in the Flash 6, 7, and 8 players, only in Internet Explorer. The data load works as expected in Netscape and Firefox, in all players. If I retrieve the data through unencripted http, the test works fine in IE also. It only fails in IE when the data is transfered via https.

I've tweaked IE security and privacy settings. I've added "https://"; to the codebase and pluginspage params in the html. I've added "secure='false'" to the crossdomain.xml. I've submitted it to the Macromedia bug report site.

Any insite would be greatly appreciated!


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