Not sure how to title this email.  I am in search of a concept.  What I want
to do is take several objs - squares of varying sizes - then have them
placed on the stage forming a mosaic grid of some sort.  Maybe some spacing
in there.

Anyway, I'm thinking I need to take this approach:
//pseudo code below
createEmptyMovieClip("box_mc", getNextHighestDepth());
duplicate "box_mc" and randomly place them in locations off the stage
then have those clips come in and form the mosaic.

Now I think that idea works if all the "box_mc" clips were the same size.
For clips of different sizes, I'm thinking I need to add collision detection
just in case they stop on top of each other.  But how far over should it
move it they touch?  And which way should they move (if they are touching
the left,bottom, top, right side)?  Etc.  Lots of questions.

Writing it now, just also seeing if someone else has more input or even a
suggested site to look at for ideas or demos.


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