I'm trying to assign custom icons to a Button dynamically in a custom
component. Here is my code snippet:

mybutton = createClassObject ( Button, "mybutton ", this.startDepth++,
{_x:myx ,_y:myy,_width:15.9,_height:14.7,
falseDisabledIcon:"btnCalendarViewFalseDisabledSkin"} ); 

However, when I compile the Component to a SWF and then instantiate it,
the green halo rectangle still appears under all the icons. In fact, it
is still active under all of that. This has me baffled, perhaps it's
just too late in the day to figure it out.

2nd problem:
I have also tried to extend the Button class and apply the icons, as
shown in the Advanced Actionscript Components book. Then, I don't have
the rectangle problem, but the registration seems to be off, and height
and width come back as zero!

Blue Skies,
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