That's a Macromedia Central only feature. I doubt they're using Central, but
maybe ;)

If you're working in a web page you can use a hidden file field and
communicate with it via ExternalInterface / getURL and javascript.

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Not sure if this will help, but maybe you can copy the image to the 
users cache to display it.

// make a working copy of a file on the user's disk
var fileRef = new FileReference();
if (fileRef.browse(["Text Files", "*.txt"]) {
    var newFile = new FileReference();"backup-data.txt");

    // operate on new file
    // ...


> Thanks for the reply.
> I can get the name, however it doesn't provide the path (i.e.
> Mike Boutin      mikeb at        
>      Thu Jun 15 13:03:32 EDT 2006               Is it possible for you to
just grab the name after it is selected from 
> the FileReference object?
> var listener:Object = new Object();
> listener.onSelect = function(file:FileReference):Void  {
>                       trace(;
>               };
> Boots

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