Hi all, 

I'm new to Flex. I may have to develop some RIA
application using Flex2.0. I'm using Weblogic as my
application server. When try to locate my
index.mxml(http://localhost:7001/index.mxml), i'm
getting following error.

22 Errors found. 
Error /index.mxml:2 
Unknown attribute 'layout' on mx.core.Application 

Error /index.mxml:3 
Don't know how to parse element
"http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml:Style";. It is not a
known type or a property of mx.core.Application.

I've configured name space in my flex-config.xml in
the following way 

I've got Flex 1.5 jars(flex-bootstrap.jar). do i need
to update any jars for flex 2.0? if so where can i get
new jar files. I've installed flex2.0 builder on my
system. I'll be thankful for the help on this. Thanks
in advance.


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