I've never liked forums, mostly because the I find navigating around in most
forums is pretty clunky,  give me an email list every time, but, as so often
happens, the universe has decided to get a little revenge. I have a client
who wants a forum. I've just spent the morning researching forum software
and there are many good products out there, but none that give the
navigational convenience I would like. I can see a forum with a flash front
end that would be a dream to use, let'
s say, a tree of threads with subjects; hover over one and see a preview;
click and see a list of responses; click on a response and get a preview,
all in one window without a page change. Posts are written in a new window
and don't require 3 or 4 pages generations per response.
That's a little simplistic, but I hope you get the idea. What ever I use it
has to be customized to the look and feel of the site.  Has anyone seen such
a forum?  Or, a forum with documentation that would allow the relatively
easy implementation of a flash front end.

Weldon MacDonald
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