I don't think it's the bitrates, but the hertz.

On 6/25/06, Josh Santangelo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I've got a presentation engine built which loads up audio/video/text
from external files as defined in a presentation XML file. Works
fine, of course until the client tries to start changing content.

The MP3s they're using are voice-overs encoded at 16kbps mono which
play fine in QuickTime Player, but when loaded into Flash (via the
Sound object) play back at super-speed and pitched up.

I was told at some point that Flash can only handle certain encodings
and bitrates of MP3s, but 16k/mono is one of the options for
exporting, so I would expect that it would be able to handle loading
them as well. Is there a list of what bitrates are supported
somewhere? Google isn't giving me any love.


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