Mike, that's untrue. Components don't need to be loaded in first frame.

I am writing a program with a lot of components. In my Actionscript
settings, I have the "Export frame for classes "set to 3. For all my
components "Export in first frame" is unchecked, as well as all my MovieClip
which need to be exported to Actionscript.

Then I put all my components and MovieClip which will be created by
Actionscript in the fourth frame (on the stage but out of view).

These are the components I use in this movie:
Accordion, Alert, Button, Checkbox, Combobox, Label, List, NumericStepper,
RadioButton, TextArea, TextInput, Tree, Window, and some home made
But I am sure it will work with all of them.



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This is one of the reasons I avoid MM components unless I totally have to.

Most of the components will only work if you export in first frame so the
only option I''ve found is:
- Put your content in an external SWF (which also causes problems because of
a bug with the components needing an instance in the root library if they're
loaded into target MCs). So, you now need to create a Shared Library for the
components and preload them (or if you don't want the hassle of a shared
library, some components get around this bug if you put a _lockroot in the
SWF containing them).

I'd love to hear other peoples solutions to component preloading.

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