I've also found a few quirks with removeMovieClip... however most of them seem to be related to depth. I use this class whenever I remove a clip (dynamically attached or otherwise), and it seems to do the trick.

The MovieClipRemover class is a static utility class which removes timeline movieclips

usage example:

class MovieClipRemover {
        // constructor
        function MovieClipRemover () {}
        // remove a timeline (or any depth) movieclip from the stage
        static function remove (mc:MovieClip) {
                var parent:MovieClip = mc._parent;
                if (parent != null) {
                        var tempMC:MovieClip = parent.getInstanceAtDepth(0);
                        mc._visible = false;
                        if (tempMC != undefined) tempMC.swapDepths(0);


On Aug 21, 2006, at 11:34 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Have you tried using some kind of factory type approach
to manage your deletion/creation?

yes, i use adts quite often...in fact i use the mvc pattern for quite a few apps i create. So i have views that instantiate whatever movieclips it needs and deletes them when it doesn't need them. the problem begins when a view needs to go away either because it is being replaced by another view or refreshed. i noticed that the clips that were supposed to be deleted weren't really...futhermore, when being reinstantiated, they won't accept values...they exist, but they're undefined somehow...


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