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I've got a tricky problem which I want to put to the list: Does anyone know any way to style a chunk of text with a background colour?

I've got a dynamic multi-line textfield bringing in html text. Flash has no CSS support for background-color, so I would like to find a workaround for adding a background to portions of text.

Flash 8, AS2

FP9 or better AS3 is your friend then.[1]
or shall i say should be your friend :-)
AS2 or more precisely the FP8 interpreting bytecode is way too slow (and textextend is waywayway too buggy)to give you precise coordinates. this would only work for a small mount of text (which is definately not enough for your task, i guess), and your text has to be monospaced (which in this case *is* what you want). you than would have to calc each characters position/coords based on a given width and height, well ... you see, ugly solution.


[1] don't have a link @ hand, but it's in the docs. look for TextField or similar, you should find some more classes nearby, which can do that for you.
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