> Hey Brian.  Can you give a little more info?  Are you passing a smil 
> xml file to the flv player or are you trying to detect based on the 
> bandwidth profile being returned from the server?

I think you would have to be familiar with the vitaltream service to really
understand my question. I'm using their flash streaming service and they
have a specific protocol for accessing the video stream. I'll explian the
service briefly:
- They host all of your .flv video content and mirror it worldwide and
stream using Flash Media Server.
- They offer two ways to display your .flvs: 
- 1. embed their pre-compiled .swf player by passing parameters to the swf
via html. 
- 2. a "custom player" where they provide the .flv source, you customize and

The XML file is telling flash the fastest mirror to connect and stream name
containing the flv files. This stream name works fine when there is only one
filename being passed but when multiple filenames are passed the code fails.
There is no bandwidth detection in their source code so it does not know
which stream to deliver. If anyone has created a custom VitalStream player
they may have already created this code. VitalStream will not release the
source code for their pre-compiled players.
I hope you understand this because I'm confusing myself trying to explain! I
can send you the player source offline if you want to take a look.


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