Has anybody successfully compiled FFMPEG with the On2 VP6 codec to produce
VP6 compressed flv's on the fly? 

I'm using FFMPEG on the server to convert videos to flv and deliver them to
my streaming provider. I'm trying to add VP6 support to the compressor so I
can get higher quality video files that VP6 produces. I believe FFMPEG uses
the Sorenson Spark codec by default. I've done a lot of research on google
and other video forums, but I can only find hints about doing this - no
cetain "this is how you do it" type of answers. There is a hint of support
here on the mplayer website: http://www.mplayerhq.hu/DOCS/codecs-status.html
(about half-way down the page you'll see On2 VP6 Personal Codec)

On2 has a server side solution for $3500 but I'm loking to do this much
cheaper. Is there any way to extract the codec from Flash 8 or Flix Encoder
and compile it into FFMPEG(linux)? Any other suggestions? 


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