I was pointed to this mailing-list by a friend.

He developed a (Multi-)File Upload for our application. Now some of our
users have the issue that the browser crashes (just closes) when they click
on the "browse" button (i. e. the file browser should appear).

This happens in IE6/7 and Firefox 2. OS is mainly Windows XP. Flash Version
is the newest 9 (we let the user update Flash Player). The browser window
closes. No error message at all. As it seems to happen browser-independent
it must be some Flash/OS issue.

We couldn't reproduce the problem here so I hope some of you guys can help
me ;-)

Did anyone run into the problem, too? I searched the web for this problem
but I didn't find anything usable - except:


But I don't know if it's somehow related to my issue ...

Thanks in advance,


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