I'm looking for an actionscript developer to customize the flv player here:


All of the graphics are complete and I have a prototype of the skin working
with an older version of the source code, but need further enhancements
within a tight time line.

Here are the basic requirements:

1. New look and feel - graphics provided.

2. Modify fullscreen behavior. The player will be loaded into a flash
website and the "fullscreen" mode will be 640x480 contained in the same
flash movie. The fullscreen controlbar is slightly different than the normal
size controls. So it's actually two different player views.

3. Two playlist views. In "fullscreen" mode the playlist has larger buttons
and more info on each button.

4. The code must be clean, well documented and adhere to the MVC pattern of
the existing code.

If you are interested please contact me off-list and we can discuss in
further detail.


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