If you open/create an ActionScript 2.0 document, the WebServiceConnector and 
all other Data components are still available. Those 
are the same ones as in the Flash 8 IDE.

The complaint is that there's no AS3 version of the Data components and some UI 
Components (like the Tree)


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> You know what's funny about the web service component missing from flash cs3?
> It's actually in the help documentation as part of flash 9 CS 3:
> Web services
> Adobe Flash CS3 Professional includes the WebServiceConnector component that 
> lets you connect to remote web services, send and 
> receive data, and bind results to components. This lets Flash developers 
> quickly create Rich Internet Applications without having 
> to write a single line of ActionScript.
> You can consume remote web services by using WebServiceClasses, which can 
> require writing complex ActionScript.
> Yet it's nowhere to be found in flash cs3 professional. Personally I dont 
> care about the component as much as I do
> the classes themselves.
> Adobe?

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