Hi all,

I'm running into troubles with unloading content for SWFLoader (and Loader as well).
i'm looking for some insight on this...

This is the code:

public function Main() { var swfLoader : SWFLoader = new SWFLoader();
           // loads a very large picture
swfLoader.load("pic.png"); swfLoader.addEventListener(Event.INIT, this.onLoadDone); }
private function onLoadDone(e : Event) : void {
SWFLoader(e.currentTarget).removeEventListener(Event.INIT, this.onLoadDone); SWFLoader(e.currentTarget).removeChildAt(0); }

My problem is that the load content is never garbage collected. I have no more references to the SWFLoader objecten its content, so what is it still doing in memory? Or am i doing something wrong?

With the loader class i run into the same problem.

Any help will be appreciated,


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