Hello All ---

I have what is probably a simple question, but possibly difficult to spell out 
in email. 

I have a SFW(A) which is loading Class A I have another SWF(B) which is
loading Class B. Both FLAs exist in seperate directories and utilize
their own classes. At some point SWF(A) gets loaded into SWF(B) and
Class A makes a call to Class B. Everything runs according to plan. 

However the problem I run into is that when I publish SWF(A) with Class
A attempting to call Class B, I get an error in the output panel that
states more or less that Class B doesn't exist. Again, if I just ignore
the error, everything runs fine. I don't really want to drop Class A
into the folder where Class B is as there are about 15 other class
files and SWF(A)/Class A doesn't really need them to run. Is there a
way to avoid this issue?

Hope that somewhat makes sense. Thanks for any and all replies.
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