I'm currently doing some research on flash CMS. The idea is to build my own
using Flash CS3. The backend will be ASP.NET(C#) and MSSQL.


.         I have many questions, the first one is: what do you think is the
best approach? For example, suppose I need to edit some text (content) and
properties (bold). So, this text, once edited, will be a html string like
'<b>this text in bold</>'. Should I store this value in a database or XML
file associated with some 'template file'  OR does flash allow me to
create/generate a movie file (lets say 'movie_bold_text.swf') as a result?

.         Is any CMS out there (preferably open source) that I should see?


I hope you guys could point me to any URL that you consider, tutorials, AS3
classes to see. TIA.   




Claudio M. E. Bastos Iorio

 <http://www.blumer.com.ar/> http://www.blumer.com.ar


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