I've had friends attend;

Vancouver Film School

Western Washington


Art Institute of Seattle

Whereas I went to;

University of Washington

While you could apply your current skills to each, you should think more
about what you want to get out of your education. Courses that teach you how
to use programs will be the fastest way to learning production skills.
Theory based courses won't teach you how to use anything, but will give you
a more knowledge of problem solving and process.

The thing that helped me decide which school to choose was actually visiting
the places I wanted to work post graduation. Asking them which universities
produced the quality they were looking for help narrow down the list.

Good luck in your search,

>>>>>> Hi list.
>>>>>> I have two years to choose in which univerity i'll go when my
>>>>>> school
>>>> studies
>>>>>> finish. I am looking for some graphical design universitys in
>>>>>> which i
>>>> can
>>>>>> apply my knowledge offlash, animation, video and audio modeling.
>>>>>> So,
>>>> mostly
>>>>>> about graphics and motion. I've been googling the web, but i  
>>>>>> found
>>>>>> so
>>>> many
>>>>>> results that my head went bad,and they mostly all of them had  
>>>>>> some
>>>> other
>>>>>> studies that i don't like such as ecomony, telecommunication
>>>>>> between
>>>> others.
>>>>>> So, can someone recommend me some universites you think are good?
>>>>>> Thanks
>>>>>> Pedro D.K.

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