Hi All
I am loading multiple instances of UI loader containing external SWFs on my
stage. When user double clicks on the video thumbnail, an instance of
UIloader will be placed on the main stage.The user can place as many
UIloader instances on the main stage. My aim is that if user puts any
UIloader on top of already existed UIloader, the existed loader will be
replaced with the placed loader. I am successful in implementing that by
using hitTestObject method for that. I am planning to provide enough
feedback to the user for this UIloader replacement process, so i was
thinking to change the border of the UIloader as soon as the dragged
UIloader hits the already existed UIloader.
Does anyone know how would I animate UIloader to give enough feedback to the
user that it is being replaced. Creating an invisible movie and moving it
wherever UIloader goes doesn't sound much efficient.
Please help me out in figuring out this problem. Also if anyone has better
idea to give enough feedback to user, that will also be welcome. Just to be
little clear i have provided little pseudo-code(below) of what i am doing
Any help will be highly appreciated.

/***************Abstract Pseudo code for my problem*****************/
            //Putting video on top of already existed videos
            var trackChild:Number=container.getChildIndex(myUILoader);

            var childContainer:DisplayObject= container.getChildAt
            for( var z:Number=0;z<=container.numChildren-1;z++)
                var restChild:DisplayObject=container.getChildAt(z);

                        //Show Animation during replacement
                         //how would i give feedback here
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