Hi Folks,

At the moment we have a project which loads in Mp3 from 2 different sources;

one is progressive  <- We use the Sound class to Load this one
the other is streaming  <- We use the NetStream class to load this one

We have a visual effect which listens to the volume and then reacts to it,
we use soundchannel for this.



This all works peachy. IF I have a Sound object.

With the Netstream there doesn't seem to be any way to read any sound
properties(like rightPeak in Soundchannel), since there is no way extract a
soundchannel from a Netstream(which seems odd, doesn't it?)

So my question; Does anyone have any clue as to how to get a Sound object or
SoundChannel object from a Netstream.... (soundTransform is fairly useless,
it will only let us change the volume parameters, not read it)... Or is this
restricted with Netstream the same way we can't read pixels from a
netstreamed video?

thanks for any pointers!

M.A. van't Kruis
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