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Kenneth Kawamoto

Allandt Bik-Elliott (Receptacle) wrote:
hi guys

in actionscript 3, if i put a mouse event on a movieclip object containing a textfield, should the mouse event be on the movieclip or the textfield?

here's my code (comments added to see where the problem is occurring)
private function createPeriodBar(dateStart:int, dateEnd:int, pbTitle:String, pbDate:String, pbList:Array = null):void
            var pixelStart:int = yearsToPixels(dateStart);
            var pixelEnd:int   = yearsToPixels(dateEnd);
var pbX:int = pixelStart;
            var pbWidth:int = pixelEnd - pixelStart;
var pbYStart:int = taTitleBarHeight + pbSpace; // sets the starting point for all periodBars var pbY:int = pbYStart + pbGetY(dateStart, dateEnd) * (pbHeight+pbSpace); // pbGetY is a separate function that automatically stacks the periodBars where they will fit without overlapping var pb:MovieClip = new MovieClip(); // was a sprite but sprites cannot have strings attached to them, eg my rolloverText variable if (uint(dateEnd-dateStart) > 1) // if the difference between the start and end dates is more than 1
                pb.x = pbX;
                pb.y = pbY;
var pbText:SimpleTextField = new SimpleTextField(0xFFFFFF, 14, headingFont, 4, -2, pbWidth-4, 25, pbTitle, false); pbText.selectable = false; // tried making this non-selectable but it hasn't helped
                pbText.text += " ";
                pbText.text += pbDate;
                var pbf:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
                pbf.font                = subheadingFont;
                pbf.size                = 10;
                var pbCurrentLength        = pbTitle.length+1;
                var pbDateLength        = pbText.length;
                pbText.setTextFormat(pbf, pbCurrentLength, pbDateLength);

            } else {
// will create a dot instead of a box containing text if it will otherwise be too small to render a roundrect
                pb.x = pbX;
                pb.y = pbY+(pbHeight/2);

            pb.rolloverText = pbTitle + "/n" + pbDate;
pb.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, pbMouseOverListener); scrollableBase.addChild(pb);
private function pbMouseOverListener(e:MouseEvent):void
mfTextField.text =; // mfTextField is a textfield within a mousefollower trace (; // traces simpleTextField if over a movieclip with a simpletextfield in otherwise traces movieclip trace (; // gives error when over a simpletextfield but works properly when over a movieclip without, eg where the dates are too close and a dot is rendered instead
            mouseFollower.visible = true;

because the movieclip isn't always the target (even tho i've set the mouseevent on the movieclip), i can't consistently get a reading from rolloverText (because it's trying to find the variable rolloverText in the pbText SimpleTextField)

can anyone explain why this is and what i can do to get around it please?

thanks a lot

Allandt Bik-Elliott

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