is your loadLibrary function is returning the same thing each time??

 This code should load a MovieClip from the library 5 times, place
each on the stage and then load a different image into each one
 Instead it loads the 5 MovieClips from the library, places them on
the stage and then only loads the image into the last (5th)
MovieClip, whats going wrong?
 !!!! this code will not run as its stripped !!!!
var itemList:XMLList = locationInfo.item; for (var i = 0; i < itemList.length(); i++) //
Loops through 5 times
                     _summaryElement[i] =
loadLibrary(summaryContainer); // Load our MovieClip from the library
                     loadImage("images/" + i + ".jpg",
_summaryElement[i].sumImg); // Should load image into
_summaryElement[i].sumImg which is a blank placeholder movieclip
} function loadImage(filename:String,
                     _mcName = mcName; // Contains MovieClip object
(object 1 through 5)
                     var imageLoader:Loader = new Loader();
                     var imageURL:URLRequest = new
                     imageLoader.load (imageURL);
                     function imgLoadComplete(ev:Event):void
                     _mcName.addChild(; // This
should add the loaded image into the placeholder movieclip for each
of the 5 MovieClips
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