hmm, the string that is being targeted is held in a variable that is set from an xml file so should just be a regular string, i'll look into this tho.
Thanks Rich

On 8 May 2008, at 13:38, Rich Shupe wrote:

I think the problem is that you're pulling your string from another text field. In that case, the characters are just characters, rather than control
codes. This subset of your code works fine:

var tmpField:TextField = this.createTextField("my_txt", 1, 0,0,100,100);
tmpField.selectable = false;
tmpField.border = true;
tmpField.type = "dynamic";
tmpField.multiline = true;
tmpField.wordWrap = true;
tmpField.text = "test\rtest";

However, putting "test\rtest" in another text field, and then saying this:

tmpField.text = other.text;

shows the characters. If you have to pull text from another field, try using
HTML and setting the .html of one field to the .html of another field.


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