Ok, so I've done a bit of googling and found nothing. And the mailing lists
search features are less than ideal (sorry). Apologies if this has been gone
over before:

I have created an example problem here:

The inheritanceDemo.fla shows that classes linked to symbols that extend
class with items on the timeline  causes a compiler error:

1152: A conflict exists with inherited definition AlertBase.okButton in
namespace public.�

While if I uncheck the 'Automatically Declare Stage Instances' checkbox and
declare my okButton manually everything works.

This seems like a big deal to me. Since we re-use code as much as possible,
it seems like we either need to assume this box is checked or not and base
our code on this. Additionally we can assume incompatibilities with 3rd
party code based upon whether they checked this box. It would seem that this
checkbox shouldn't exist and that all stage vars should be declared

I must be doing something wrong. What are the best practices here? Besides
unchecking that box, is there any way to get around these errors?

Chris Hill
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