Hello Everybody,
Before I try to maybe "re-invent the Wheel", and write my own code.  I  was 
wondering whether anyone has a sample Actionscript 3.0 code for verifying  the 
input to a text field is a Number. 
Generally, the isNaN() is ok.  But when one input a number with  the 
"Thousand Separator" (Comma) or ((Period) in certain countries)), isNaN()  does 
For example, suppose the required answer (input) is 10000.00.  If the  user 
inputs 10,000.00.  Flash does not consider that as a number. If  the user 
inputs 100,00.00 that is certainly not a number.
So, unless I am missing some built-in Actionscript fuction/class, the code  
needs to check whether the input contains Thousand separator(s) and  whether 
they are in the right position. 
Once the check on the Thousand Separator(s) proves to be OK, i.e., the  input 
is a legal number, we can than compare this number to the one  required.
Thank you,
D. Abramovich

Interactive Training Solutions  (ITS)
_www.its-metacentre.com_ (http://www.its-metacentre.com) 

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