You're probably right. Nevertheless, I think the spirit of the article has
been misunderstood. As I read it, it pointed out the need to have a
higher-level visual-style user interface to make simple things easier for
non programmers. Visual tools that can intuitively generate the AS 3 code
for adding simple behaviours and interactivity.  I'm a programmer myself and
I don't think I'd use these features, but I now many people I work with who
would love to have them available. It'd make their lives easier, without
compromising efficency or mantainability (we're talking about simple stuff
anyway). I believe the "charges" about button events, getURL and
loadMovie are a good example of this point.

Juan Pablo Califano

2008/7/18, Abe Pazos <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> I think most of the people who would agree
> with these charges are not in this mailing list.
> Are there more AS3 coders out there?
> Or more designers who sometimes use
> a line or two of ActionScript with gotoAndPlays,
> loadMovies, on release/rollover/rollout?
> I wonder how would this discussion look
> like if this was a designers mailing list?
> Abe
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