I recently supplied some flash to a client who deploys it via dynamically created html pages (with sharepoint in the mix). The flash reads an xml configuration file.

Natuarally during testing everything has worked without problem, however once deployed on the end-client site, https has become an issue (though never mentioned to me until now) and apparently there is now an "issue".

First thoughts are that a crossdomain policy file might do the trick, but the client seems to thing that the xml configuration is read from the same place as the flash is deployed.

It's all a bit like chinese whispers.

Any particular gotchas I should know about with https, flash 9 (AS3) and perhaps firefox (not sure if this is only a firefox problem).

Initial searches on the web talk about a firefox problem and flash getting confused about ports, but I'm not sure if this is still a current issue.

Any ideas?

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