Hi Cor...

I was looking for an example but I don't have one at the moment.  All
you need to do is add an onEnterFrame function somewhere, then within
that function, set the params of the ComboBox instance. The last line of
the onEnterFrame function is to delete onEnterFrame.  The issue is that
V2 components need one frame to initialize themselves, so when you set
your custom params (data, etc.) you are doing it after the ComboBox has
been drawn to the stage.  You could also look into doing it onInit.  I
believe that's an event for the ComboBox but I am not 100% certain at
the moment.  The onEnterFrame function probably shouldn't be on the
ComboBox itself, but maybe in the MovieClip containing the ComboBox

Hope that helps, let me know if you've got it working.
- MM

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